The Use of Marketing Approach in the Activities of Public Administration of the Medical Field

  • Tetiana Kravtsova Dnipropetrovsk regional institute of public administration National academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine
  • Oksana Lashenko Dnipropetrovsk regional institute of public administration National academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine
  • Oleg Kravtsov Dnipropetrovsk regional institute of public administration National academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine


Reforming the public sphere requires public authorities to increase the effectiveness of management activities, and thus the search for new innovative management tools that would meet the requirements of the time in terms of quality, efficiency and customer-oriented activities. The article reveals the essence of the implementation of the marketing concept in public administration. The key approaches to understanding the essence of the concept of "public marketing" are identified. It is established that the main condition for the formation of marketing-oriented public services is to ensure their attractiveness to potential consumers, in fact, the modern consumer, his desires determine what will be the management services provided by public institutions and public authorities. The types and main tools of the marketing complex in public administration are identified. Service marketing, social marketing, policy marketing and demarketing are described. Particular attention is paid to territorial marketing as a modern method of administrative management, a new concept of territorial management, which is based on a new understanding of the role and functions of territorial authorities - as effective management of resources and public services. The common features of public services are considered, the mechanisms of territorial marketing are determined. The main directions of transformation of marketing activity of public administration bodies in the conditions of digitalization are determined. Forms and tools of digital marketing, perspective directions of development of its strategies are described. It is shown that the use of marketing technologies in health care can help optimize the activities of health care facilities and improve the quality of medical services. Some examples of the use of public marketing tools by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, customer-oriented marketing of modern health care facilities in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic are analyzed. Peculiarities of marketing complex implementation in the field of public administration are determined.


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