The Use of Public Administration Methodology in the Study of Regional Development Processes

  • Sergii Korniievskyi Dnepropetrovsk regional institute of public administration National academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine
Keywords: paradigms of regional development, theories and concepts of regional development, institutional approach, system approach, comparative analysis


The article notes that the study of regional development processes involves the use of general scientific methodology, methodology of interdisciplinary level, methodology of science "public administration" and methodology of scientific research of regional development.  The purpose of the article is to analyze the main components of public administration methodology and provide suggestions for its practical use in the study of regional development processes.  Given the fact that the methodology of public administration is characterized by a significant problem field, there is a need to solve many problems: the creation and development of a categorical apparatus of public administration; formulation of principles of public administration; determination of norms of cognitive, evaluative and practical activity in public administration; research of the system of values, their changes and roles in public administration; study of the paradigm of public administration; analysis of the theoretical development of public administration; substantiation of methods of public administration, their specifics; ensuring the integrity of cognitive and practical methodologies, their openness to methodological innovations.  It is determined that the structure of public administration methodology consists of principles, categories, norms, values, paradigms, theories and methods. Theories and concepts of regional development are based on the fact that the achievement of high socio-economic indicators largely depends on the quality of governance, rather than resource potential. Differing in fundamental approaches, theories and concepts offer different mechanisms of influence on the state of territories, taking into account the location of economic objects, their interaction with the external environment, interaction and partnership at the local level, human potential, etc.  The author provides the essence of these theories and concepts. According to the author, the methodology of research of regional development should combine the following methods: institutional, systemic, sociological, historical, dialectical, structural and functional, statistical, situational, analysis and synthesis, comparative analysis, induction and deduction, cartographic, modeling, measurement, description, generalization, observation, analysis of documents, etc. The paper proposes the practical use of these methods in the study of regional development processes. 


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