Theoretical approaches to construction innovative mechanism of innovation management of enterprises in Ukraine

Keywords: innovation and management activity, innovation management, management mechanism, complex innovative mechanism of management innovation, conceptual components of innovation mechanism design, tasks of management system intellectualization


The results of the study are devoted to solving the problem of increasing the innovation of management systems of industrial enterprises through the construction and application of a comprehensive integrated management mechanism. Generalized theoretical and practical recommendations and conclusions on creating conditions for initiating an updated methodological approach to the formation of innovation management processes in order to increase the level of innovation and manageability of development processes. The expediency of deepening the attention to increase the degree of innovation of management systems as an influential factor of socio-economic development is substantiated. The necessity of a systematic approach to the creation of innovative management systems of economic entities and the innovative environment of their development for the management of all areas of production management. The cognitive-analytical content-process practical essence of the components of the innovative mechanism of innovation of development process management is revealed. Using the subordination, goals and logic of the formation of management processes and results of production activities, it is proposed to determine the essential content and components of the innovative mechanism of innovation management of enterprises. It is seen as a complex flexible, mobile and powerful lever of direct and indirect influence on the innovation of management and control systems, which combines innovative elements of existing local management mechanisms and motivates the management system to become innovative, increase the potential of their systemic development and sustainable dynamics of performance. The innovative mechanism of management innovation is proposed to be used to create conditions for long-term management, timely introduction of its elements into the processes of continuous improvement, which begin with anticipation.


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