Key principles of providing transparency in the activities of local government bodies

Keywords: transparency, accountability, local self-government bodies, mechanisms of local democracy, electronic transparency, transparency index, level of accountability


The article considers the key principles of ensuring the implementation of transparency in the activities of local governments. Transparency as a tool of good governance allows implementing the right of the public for participation in the decision-making process during the formation of regional and state policy via access to public information through open dialogue and partnership. The analysis of such important principles of transparency as: transparency, participation, accountability and ethical principles of local self-government are key aspects of democratic governance in public authorities and are considered to be one of the important achievements of reforms in recent years in Ukraine. Emphasis has been placed on the substantiation of the expediency of local democracy usage mechanisms in the activities of public authorities. The readiness of Ukrainian society to use the mechanisms of local democracy is quite low. The low level of readiness of Ukrainian civil society to make decisions jointly and to solve local problems indicates the distrust to governmental officials, lack of open communication and reluctance of citizens to take responsibility. In this context, the formation and development of civic competence is a necessary condition for the implementation of the public participation in the decision-making process. Forms of public participation such as partnership, delegation of authority to address pressing issues and public governance are examples of real participation in community life. The analysis of the research of transparency principle helps to identify key areas and mechanisms for improving governance at the local level and for the cooperation between government and the community.


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