Regulatory fundamentals of the fight against terrorism in Ukraine

Keywords: terrorism, counter-terrorism, fight against terrorism, terrorist activity, counter-terrorist strategy, principles of fight against terrorism


An important element of ensuring national security in Ukraine is the legal consolidation of practical and real principles in national legislation. One of the main reasons for the low quality of the fight against terrorism is the imperfection of legal acts and the inconsistency of the level of preparation for real threats. Normative acts require detailed study, analysis and substantiation in view of international law and evolution, due to which, changes are made more than once. The growing number of terrorism in the world, gives impetus to international cooperation to combat the most dangerous crime. Research is important to address the challenges of preventing terrorism.To improve the legislation, it is necessary to take into account the degree of ability to anticipate threats and assess risks, to ensure the continuity of the process of activity of bodies and the process of recovery. Improving Ukrainian legislation requires modernizing Cain's anti-terrorism legislation on countering and preventing terrorism.The article analyzes the legal framework for combating terrorism, identifies the relevance of the problem of combating terrorism, the range of regulations, considers the views of scientists on the system of their division by type, proposed its own system of regulations in the table.Specifically, some important legal acts on measures to combat terrorism are analyzed. The international legal documents establishing the general principles of international cooperation in the field of prevention and counteraction to terrorism are studied.The priorities of the state policy in the field of counter-terrorism, the principles of counter-terrorism enshrined in regulations are considered, and some proposals for improving the regulatory framework in the fight against terrorism in Ukraine are identified.


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