Modern mechanisms for ensuring personnel security in the system of public administration: theoretical principles

Keywords: public administration, personnel security, system of personnel technologies, personnel potential, mechanisms of ensuring personnel security, threats to personnel security


The article substantiates that personnel is the main resource, potential, the basis for the formation of the entire apparatus of public administration, and therefore play an important role. The quality of reform, the quality of the public administration system, as well as the formation of a positive image of the state depend on the quality, professionalism, constant development of personnel and human resources. Personnel security is a combination of such components as: life safety (health, physical security), social and motivational security (financial, career, aesthetic, administratively independent), occupational security (occupational safety, pension insurance, security of possession of modern knowledge), anti-conflict security (patriotic, psychological and communication security) technological.Mechanisms for ensuring personnel security in the public administration system are a set of methods, techniques, tools, means aimed at providing unconditional conditions for personnel in the public administration system, as well as the formation of a system of protection against untrained or potentially dangerous personnel.The author singles out the following mechanisms for ensuring personnel security in the system of public administration: selection and selection of personnel; commencement of activity with the establishment of a mandatory probationary period; staff development in the system of public administration; career growth and career relocation; formation of information security system within personnel security; forecasting and monitoring of threats to personnel security, including: analysis of possible violations of employees, corruption crimes, use of official information for their own purposes, abuse of power; constant evaluation of staff taking into account their moral and ethical qualities; evaluation of staff performance; formation of reputational capital; formation of the image of the public administration system.


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