International implementation standards autonomy of higher education institutions

Keywords: public administration, higher education, autonomy, higher education institutions, international standards, university independence, university autonomy


The article analyzes the main international regulations aimed at implementing the autonomy of higher education institutions. It is noted that the planned creation of a single European higher education area and increase the prestige of the European higher education system in the world will be fully implemented. It is emphasized that the final result is planned to be achieved by solving the following tasks: adoption of the system of scientific degrees; organization of higher education in two cycles; establishment of a single system of credit units; increasing mobility, autonomy and ensuring academic freedom for students and teachers; development of European cooperation in the field of quality assurance of education; preservation of cultural and linguistic diversity, originality of national higher education systems and autonomy of higher education institutions. The main principles of functioning of universities are singled out, which include: university autonomy, which performs the function of understanding reality in order to spread culture through teaching and research; university independence from economic, political and ideological power; a significant link between research and teaching; achieving compliance with the needs of society and the economy; freedom of research, teaching, learning; fulfillment of the mission subject to compliance with the requirements of mutual will: universities and authorities; rejection of intolerance and at the same time maintaining dialogue, the formation of universities as a meeting place for teachers who are able to transfer their knowledge, as well as students who are motivated to learn them; preservation and transmission of the values of European humanism; realization of the main tasks in the context of achieving general knowledge beyond geographical and political borders, mutual knowledge and interaction of cultures.


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