Formation of moral and ethical bases of public service in Ukraine

Keywords: moral and ethical foundations, public service, public servant, professionalization, norms and values, motivation, control


The article is devoted to the definition of priority areas for improving the moral and ethical foundations of public service and substantiation of the algorithm of their formation. It is revealed that the important qualities that are necessary for a public servant in professional activity are the ability to self-organize, to have the skills of self-management, the ability to rationally set goals, bordering on high rates of intellectual development and education.The algorithm of formation of moral and ethical bases of public service which is offered to consider through a administrative cycle consisting in consistent and complex realization of functions of management, such as: planning (development of the Concept of formation of moral and ethical bases of public service and a complex of actions for its realization) is substantiated; organization and coordination (creation of a "strong" organizational culture; creation of coordinating bodies; organization of continuous professional and ethical education and self-education); motivation (application of moral and psychological methods of motivation; providing public servants with a decent level of remuneration, which will depend on the results of their work; encouragement of creative initiatives, etc.) and control and evaluation (internal and external control over ethical principles, norms, standards of behavior; use of tools for assessing the level of formation of moral and ethical competencies of a public servant).The priority directions of improvement of moral and ethical bases of public service by: legal regulation of the given question (development and acceptance of the Code of Ethics of the public servant at the central level and Rules of ethical behavior in each separate body of public power) are defined; creation of special structural units (Department of Public Service Ethics at the central level and separate departments or specialists in the field personnel management service); development of organizational culture; updating the content of programs of professional and ethical training of public servants and their self-education; improving the motivation of professional activity of public servants; implementation of systematic control and assessment of the level of formation of moral and ethical competencies of a public servant.


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