State information policy of leading Muslim countries in the field of securitization of Islam: experience for Ukraine

Keywords: state information policy, ecuritization of Islam, state bodies, state power, radical Islamists, Salafists, ideology


The purpose of the article is to analyze the state policy of the leading Muslim countries in the field of securitization of Islam with the definition of the most successful approaches that can be used by the state authorities to prevent radical Islamism in Ukraine.The relevance of the article is that today more and more countries are suffering from terrorist attacks and other manifestations of religious and ethnic intolerance. Most of these actions are carried out by supporters of Islam, a significant number of whom also live in modern Ukraine. In this context, it is important to have an objective view of the situation in Muslim communities, where radical Islamists make up a small percentage and, moreover, have a large number of opponents.Based on the objectives of the study, the methods of system analysis, structural and functional and the method of analogy in public administration were used.As a result, the structural features of the securitization of Islam, as well as the conditions and principles of its application in the state information policy of the leading Muslim countries were clarified. Causal links have been established that have influenced the need to securitize Islam. The main ways to solve the problem are identified, taking into account the relationships identified during the study and the structural and functional features of the environment.Conclusions. It is shown that the significant attention of the state authorities of the leading Muslim countries to the problem of securitization of Islam is caused primarily by the activities of local radical Islamists, as well as the influence of other Islamist centers from abroad. Measures to securitize Islam in leading Muslim countries are systematic, well-coordinated, and use all available resources.In order to improve the state information policy of Ukraine in the field of securitization of Islam, the most effective practices of securitization of Islam, tested in the leading Muslim countries, have been proposed for making administrative decisions by the state authorities of Ukraine.


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