Scientific and methodological approaches to the formation of the concept of state policy of land relations development in Ukraine

Keywords: public policy, land relations, decentralization, mechanism, regulation, regulatory framework, investment attractiveness, land reform, land market, resources


The article is devoted to the peculiarities of developing scientific and methodological approaches to the formation and implementation of the concept of state policy of land relations in Ukraine on the basis of the assessment of the current state of such policy and promising areas for improvement. Promising directions for the development of the structure of the concept of formation and implementation of state policy of land relations in Ukraine of complementary type, the elements of which are built using the principles of system-structural, resource-functional, program-target and situational theoretical and methodological approach, which allowed to formulate requirements, goals, priorities of public policy, stages of development and implementation in public administration of the provisions of the concept. The concept of state policy of development of land relations in Ukraine of complementary type is proposed for use in public administration practice, because the presented developments can become a fundamental basis for drafting regulations in the context of effective policy implementation by executive authorities in their implementation, fully provided by law powers. At the same time, the latter can be used to implement in practice the provisions of decentralization of power in Ukraine. Land reform in Ukraine should not hinder the development of the country's economy, but build a new competitive model of relations between the state and business, which would involve the use of land as an asset that requires appropriate environmental actions to preserve land resources concentrated in rural areas. Conceptual principles of formation and use of land resources are based on state support, consistency of legislation, programs of state and regional levels in the introduction of "eco-technologies" of agricultural land use, taking into account the priority principles of approximation (approximation) of legislation to international and European law , restoration and protection of the environment, rational use and creation of preconditions for preservation of qualitative signs of land resource potential of rural territories. Increasing investment attractiveness in this dimension should be provided not through increasing the market value of land as a type of enterprise asset, but through radical innovation and structural changes in the use of natural resources; not because of the denationalization of the land market, but because of the motivation of domestic entrepreneurs to thrive on socially responsible business.


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