Improvement of local self-government in Ukraine based on the CAF self-assessment model

Keywords: quality management, ISO, CAF, local self-government, agility, digitalization, sustainable development goals, good governance, agile mindset


The article is devoted to the consideration of key features and identification of prospects for the application of the new edition of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) in local self-government of Ukraine, which was published in 2020.The authors conducted a study of the development of the CAF model, which was created by the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) to promote good governance, and considered the prerequisites for the introduction and promotion of its use in local self-government in Ukraine. The experience of self-assessment is considered, which shows that the first steps in the application of CAF in Ukraine are made by public authorities, while in Europe the most common use of the model is in local self-governments. To date, self-assessment and benchmarking based on CAF is not a common and recognized tool for improving performance in Ukraine.The 20-year experience and stages of maturity of the CAF model since its creation are analyzed, which allowed to single out 5 phases of development. The characteristics of the guiding principles of the 2020 model publication are given. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of key differences in CAF 2013 and CAF 2020. CAF is seen as a tool to promote good governance, ensure the quality of public services and increase customer satisfaction and local businesses. The goals and principles of CAF 2020 and their connection with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN), international ISO standards for management systems and European strategies are analyzed.It is determined that the use of internationally recognized principles, established practices (which can include CAF) will allow local self-governments of Ukraine to demonstrate reliability and ensure the sustainability of the development of the territory. Accentuate the possibility of using CAF through the implementation of mini-projects of self-assessment through international programs and technical assistance projects, the importance of promoting benchmarking and international exchange of experience to improve the quality of local self-government services, motivation of staff and increase the level of satisfaction of the local community.


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