Gender aspects of social policy formation in Ukraine

Keywords: social policy, equality, gender aspects, gender-sensitive policy, vulnerable groups, discrimination, gender audit, gender profile, gender analysis


The article considers gender aspects of social policy formation in Ukraine. It is determined that the European integration vector of development chosen by Ukraine requires observance of the principles of sustainable development and achievement of equality of women and men in all spheres of society. It was found that the perception of gender in society is not a stable category, but depends on cultural and social traditions, and may change with changing environments. Ukraine's steps over the past 5 years to implement the principle of gender equality are analyzed and it is established that Ukraine has a sufficiently developed regulatory framework, however, its practical implementation is still imperfect. The creation of gender profiles of regions has been studied and it has been found that they are a useful tool for developing strategies for the development of the region, in determining the priorities of social policy, monitoring and evaluation of activities, etc. It was found that gender mainstreaming in social policy-making will emphasize the special needs of women and men in need of state assistance, which will ensure more accurate policy formulation, efficient allocation of resources, targeted use of budget funds and gender-sensitive decision-making. Innovative approaches to gender mainstreaming in social policy-making at both national and regional levels are analyzed. It is established that gender audit will ensure gender parity of participants in the decision-making process, and gender analysis of decisions or policies in general is aimed at identifying problems and differentiating needs and interests, taking into account gender distribution. Their using in the process of formation and implementation of social policy will make it possible to prevent gender inequality and ensure the formation of gender-sensitive social policy.


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