The influence of government institutions on the process of integration of people with disabilities into socio-political life

  • Andrii Zhorniak Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute for Public Administration National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Keywords: disability, legislative base, normative-legal base, political decisions, professional activity, social integration, labor activity


The article examines the impact of political processes caused by political decisions of various branches of government, and their consequences for the participation of persons with disabilities in the socio-political life of the state. The legislation of Ukraine on the regulation of public relations in terms of integration of persons with disabilities into society through employment is analyzed. Emphasis is placed on the dynamics of growth in the number of people with disabilities, which is associated with the general aging of the population and increasing the risk of disability, the reduction of economic activity in this category, which in some countries translates it into subsidies at the state level. The normative regulation of integration processes and stimulation of labor activity of persons with disabilities in the developed countries of the world is considered. It was found that the policy aimed at social integration of people with special needs needs to be modernized and improved at all levels, including the activities of local governments, national and international level. The author notes that only in synergy and joint work, using common socio-political tools, it is possible to achieve the inclusion of people with disabilities in the life of communities and achieve high results in the development of the state. Based on the declared, defined in the Constitution of Ukraine content, activities, directions and direction of development of the state in relation to the citizen of Ukraine, it is proved that the relationship of every citizen, not excluding people with special needs, should be considered as a union of power-man relations. And if a person with a disability has the right, it means that the state is obliged to provide him with the opportunity to exercise this right. It was stressed that social security, which guarantees the right of a citizen to a decent standard of living, should not be limited to the payment of benefits, subsidies, but should be aimed at creating conditions for "disclosure" in various spheres of public life, including formal employment. It is proved that in Ukraine there are measures to create conditions aimed at socialization and participation of persons with disabilities in the life of the state. But given that at the constitutional level, persons with disabilities have equal rights along with other categories of citizens, there is a need to amend the Constitution in order to improve the legal framework for persons with disabilities, as the terms "equality" and "non-discrimination" in relation to the disabled are not identical and differ significantly in content. According to the author, this will allow to realize the strategic goal of a modern civilized state - to provide high living standards for its citizens, taking into account the category of people with special needs.


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