Management of innovative approaches in preschool education in Ukraine

Keywords: preschool institution, management, innovative approaches, managerial functions, head of preschool institution, managerial competencies


The article describes the solution of the problem of managing a preschool educational institution in the context of an innovative approach. After all, the problem of reforming preschool education in modern conditions involves a radical restructuring of management, its democratization, decentralization and humanization. The article aims at scientific and practical substantiation of mechanisms of state management of innovative development of preschool education in Ukraine and definition of strategic directions of their improvement and reveals essence of innovative approaches to management of preschool educational institution, and also research of priority of innovations in management of preschool educational institutions. Emphasis is placed on the fact that the transition to new educational standards, integration into the European and world educational space have brought to the fore the problem of innovative management in preschool educational institutions. Functional changes in the activity of the head of the preschool institution are analyzed. The methodological basis of the study is the need to modernize preschool education in Ukraine, which is associated with European and global trends and challenges, the growing attention of the international community to this level of education.The introduction of innovations in the management activities of the organization, which is associated with the inconsistency of the needs management process, due to the environment of its operation. The introduction of innovations in the management of the organization helps to avoid such negative effects and factors as reduced productivity, active and passive resistance to change, exclusion of employees from the work process, conflicts in the team, professional exhaustion, voluntary dismissal, slow assimilation of changes, dismissal etc.Such tasks as solving the problem of managing a preschool educational institution in the context of an innovative approach remain relevant for preschool education in the near future. Thus, the use of innovative approaches will ensure high efficiency of preschool education management


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