Strategic directions of developing the professional competence of the manpower of the state border guard service of Ukraine

  • Mykola Malanchiy National academy of State Border guard service of Ukraine
Keywords: manpower of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, professional competence, personality competence, service and fighting activity


The Article substantiates the directions of developing the professional competence of the manpower of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, and discloses the structure of the professional and psychological (personal) competence of a border guard: basic, particular and special competencies. According to the author, the basic competence is a set of knowledge in the field of: individual-typological features (temperament, character, emotional-volitional regulation, personal style of activities, cognitive style, peculiarities of memory and professional thinking, etc.), and protective and blocking systems that prevent the effective self-development. The particular psychological competence is the personality characteristic and includes understanding: one’s own strengths and weaknesses in the field of the personal-professional development, necessary professional and important qualities, zones of the professional self-determination, and means of the professional self-realization. The special social and psychological competence is included in the process of the personality further professionalization and mastery of professional skills at higher levels.The profiles of the professional competence of positions in the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, developed with the direct participation of the author, have been presented.It is substantiated that the service and fighting activity of a border guard is an example of the professional activity, which is carried out in specific and extreme conditions, often associated with danger to life, and incorporates solving various service and fighting tasks. Each service and fighting task has its own psychological peculiarities conditioned by its content, terms of execution, composition of participants, predictable consequences, etc.In the study of the service and fighting activity, it is necessary to determine psychological preconditions for its successful implementation. They, in their turn, form the scale of requirements to the professional competence of a border guard.


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