Public services: modern approaches to classification

Keywords: services, public services, classification of public services, administrative services, criteri


The aim of the study is to analyze the existing approaches to the classification of the public services system and to develop an approach that would meet modern domestic requirements. The urgency is due to the insufficient level of theoretical organization of the general array of public services, hence the practical need for the effective functioning of all areas of the system. The results of the study reveal the relationship between the lack of a proper approach to the classification of the public service system and the heterogeneity of changes that occur in different areas of this system. The existing approaches to the concept of "classification" are considered and the author's definition is offered, it is established that classification acts as an important tool of the theory of public administration. The level of complexity of the "service" category as an object of scientific research and the "public service" category is outlined. Modern approaches to classifications of public services are given, among which it is necessary to allocate (by subjects of service rendering, subjects of reception, by groups of services, by types of services, etc.), but it is established that existing approaches do not allow to organize the whole array of public services. Therefore, the author's approach that meets the requirements of this study is proposed. The conclusions are to substantiate the impossibility of establishing a modern system of public services without the development of adequate approaches to classification. The study clarifies the concept of classification, reveals that existing approaches to the classification of public services do not allow them to properly systematize and organize, resulting in the proposed author's approach to the classification of public services by area of provision, but deserves special attention to the criterion of delegation possibility of public service.


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