Modern requirements for digital competencies of civil servants

  • Valeriia Fostikova Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Keywords: digitalization, competencies, civil servant, public services, online, information and communication technologies, public sector


The article analyzes the current requirements for digital competencies of civil servants, which have become relevant as a result of the introduction of the e-government model. The classification of competencies developed by S. Hanius (technical, socio-technical, organizational, managerial and political-administrative competencies) is studied, its validity is confirmed by N. Ogonek's all-European sociological research. It is argued that the trend towards increasing digital competences is common to most developed countries and is reflected in the OECD recommendations, in particular in the document "Strengthening Digital Government" (2019), which provides for the formation of a new digital culture among civil servants. As a result of inculcating this culture, there will be an expansion of authority, thinking and skills.


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