Electronic communities in e-government system

  • Nataliia Piskokha Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute for Public Administration National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Keywords: digital transformation, united territorial communities, digital divide, digital standards


The deepening digital transformation of society and the resulting changes in the organization of power have a significant impact on the process of creating electronic communities. One of the current trends is the active introduction of elements of the e-government system in the work of local governments. This is more active in cities, but has recently become more widespread in united territorial communities (UTGs). The purpose of the study is to systematize the problematic issues that arise during the creation and operation of electronic communities. The materials of the research "Electronic readiness of OTG of Dnipropetrovsk region" in the framework of preparation of the program "Electronic Dnipropetrovsk region for 2020-2023" are used.


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