Modern aspects of digitalization of public spaces

  • Sergiy Lukin Postgraduate Education Institution "Center for retraining and advanced training of employees of public authorities, local governments, state enterprises, institutions and organizations under the Kyiv Regional State Administration"
Keywords: space, digitalization, virtual public space, communication, virtualization


In the modern world, the information society is developing rapidly. According to most researchers, it has the following fundamental features: the growth of information activity of all members of society, the transformation of the information industry into a dynamic sphere of its operation, the penetration of information and communication technologies in the life of each individual, and, thanks to widespread network structures, change all models of social organization and cooperation. In the information society, mass media technologies play a crucial role in people's lives, especially in the processes of socialization, their participation in public life. Newspapers, radio and television largely become tools of state information policy or open propaganda, the existence of algorithmic corporations and their independence from direct state regulation is supported by the activity and quality of interaction of users themselves. Many states pursue an active state information policy aimed at strengthening the rules of conduct in the virtual public sphere, but the public space in these conditions has the opportunity to maintain its critical potential and debatable nature, even in conditions of state manipulation.


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