International experience in implementing information and communication technologies for the development of regions in Ukraine

  • Sergiy Karelin State organization 'V. Mamutov Institute of Economic and Legal Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine'
Keywords: information and communication technologies, ICT,, digital transformation, community, territory, digital agenda, Digital Agenda, innovation cluster,, technology park, digital infrastructure, digital literacy


During the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional communications were in crisis. Many businesses have ceased to exist or are on the verge of bankruptcy. Local governments, as well as businesses, were forced to work during the first month of severe quarantine. We had to quickly transfer most business processes to the online environment to ensure the social distance of employees and reduce the possibility of their infection.The author analyzed the international experience of using information and communication technologies for the effective development of communities and territories. The article analyzes the introduction of "Digital Agendas" as a regulatory framework for the implementation of digital transformation at the local level. The role of digital infrastructure and digital literacy as factors of implementation and use of information and communication technologies is highlighted.The experience of implementing an innovation cluster on the example of the city of Oulu (Finland) is considered.Steps are proposed for the territorial communities of Ukraine to accelerate the implementation of digital transformation.


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