Using of publicly available cloud services for distance learning of public servants

  • Sergiy Kandziuba Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute for Public Administration National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Keywords: distance education, single information and educational space, G Suite for Education package, Google cloud services, cloud technologies


Traditional methods, tools and forms of training of civil servants require a significant number of additional highly qualified teaching staff, an increase in the number of educational institutions for training, retraining and advanced training, frequent and long absences from work. All this is time and money, which our country is very short of.The way out of this situation is a large-scale transition to a qualitatively new level of full-time and part-time education - distance education.The experience of the NAPA DRID shows that the use of the G Suite for Education package allows to quickly and efficiently create a single information and educational space for training and retraining of public servants in the region.


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