Formation of public management mechanisms for innovative development of the agriculture of Ukraine

Keywords: innovations, agriculture, public management, economic growth, public-and-private partnership, clusters, technology platform


The research deals with studying the factors impeding formation and functioning the innovation and investment system in Ukraine including the following: lack of innovations funding sources; imperfection of infrastructure for innovations creation and implementation; lack of necessary information on market prospects of the existing ideas and knowledge as well as advisory support of the project running from the idea to the commercialization stage; lack of established communication between scientists and business representatives. In addition, the industry is not institutionally prepared for running these processes, there is no system ensuring the innovative interest of producers. It is justified that for innovation changes, management system modernization at all levels, the development of integrated decision-making system in order to gain a competitive advantages at both the level of products generated and the industry in general are necessary along with other important factors. Also, the efficiency of public management of innovation processes is justified.It has been proved that the main directions of formation of an effective mechanism for public management of innovative development of agriculture should be: development of the institutional environment of the innovation system; state support of innovative activity, improvement of the system of development and support of small and medium business; facilitating the implementation of a public-private partnership mechanism; creation of agrarian clusters; active educational activities aimed at engaging community residents to participate in the decision-making process for the development of their territories and to realize the need to solve problems on their own.It is suggested that regional agricultural universities, together with rural communities and other public organizations of technological platforms (with the support of the state), where Agrarian business and the state, UTC, can become potential customers of innovations are proposed. On the one hand, business, UTC and the state make a request to solve their problems, and on the other, scientists, students, inventors offer innovative solutions that are further scaled and become the basis for their own innovative business.


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