Conceptual principles of the strategic planning in the field of safety of state boundary of Ukraine

  • Oleh Моrohov Administration of State border guard service of Ukraine
  • Genadiy Маgаs Bogdan Khmelnytsky National Academy of State border guard service of Ukraine
Keywords: strategic planning, national safety, national interests, safety of state boundary, public policy, conceptual principles, concept, model, aim, principles, state boundary of Ukraine, State border guard service of Ukraine


Conceptual principles of the strategic planning are set forth in the field of safety of state boundary of Ukraine, that include the concept of the strategic planning in the field of safety of state boundary, her aim, principles and model. Origin of the new threats of national safety, related to "hybrid" aggression of Russian against Ukraine, to temporal occupation by her Crimea, kindling of the armed conflict in the east regions of Ukraine, realization of the events sent to destabilization of political and economic situation in Ukraine, development of terrorism and by the threat of his distribution territory of Ukraine, transformations that take place in the sector of safety and defensive stipulated an urgent requirement in a revision and determination of new aims, priorities and tasks on development frontier organization Ukraine, and also revision existent strategic document. In addition, the necessity of creation of the new system of defence of border appeared with Russian and other contiguous states as a guarantee of state sovereignty and providing of national safety, introductions of the European standards of the integrated management by borders.Determination of concept, principles, aim and model of the strategic planning in the field of safety of state boundary of Ukraine offers authors. In the context of this research, under providing of safety of state boundary of Ukraine the process of defence of national interests is understood on a state boundary, and also, making the systems of providing of national safety.For today, strategic planning in the field of safety of state boundary of Ukraine, as the mechanism of state administration, sent to providing of counteraction to the present and potential threats of national safety, that comes true in interests a frontier department, other law enforcement authorities and soldiery forming, and also executive, enterprises, establishments and organizations activity of that is related to national safety bodies.


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