Improvement of pre-trial investigation as a factor of influencing on the ensuring of the economic security of Ukraine

  • Mikhail Vysochanskiy Interregional Academy of Personnel Management
Keywords: investigation, security, criminal offense, economics, security law enforcement, state regulation


The article considers the pre-trial investigation in the context of an integral part of the foundation of economic security of Ukraine.The main problems of the pre-trial investigation in the criminal process of Ukraine identified: poor-quality regulatory support; insufficient material and technical support of pre-trial investigation bodies; redundancy in the use of the institution of immunity by judges and deputies of Ukraine; overload of investigators.Economic security in the article refers to the state of security of the national economy from threats, in which it is able to ensure the development of society, its economic and socio-political stability.Pre-trial investigation is defined as the stage of criminal proceedings carried out with observance of human rights and freedoms, starts from the moment the information is entered into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations and ends with either the closure of the criminal proceedings or the submission of one of the following criminal procedure documents to the court, namely: the indictment ; petitions for the application of coercive measures of a medical or educational nature; applications for exemption from criminal liability. The importance of pre-trial investigation is noted, since it is during this stage that the bulk of the evidence is collected.It was determined to be rational to use electronic document management systems with the use of electronic signatures in order to simplify the interaction between law enforcement agencies, the prosecutor's office and the court in conducting pre-trial investigation. In order to improve and partially solve the problems of the pre-trial investigation, it was proposed to create such an electronic document management system that would ensure formal correspondence with the help of technical means, coordination of the investigator's applications, receipt of court orders for execution, etc.


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