Actual challenges of institutional rebranding of public organizations of national minorities of Ukraine

  • Marian Tokar Lviv Regional Institute for Public Administration National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Keywords: public organization, institutional rebranding, civil society, public administration, public interaction, institute, national minority


Ethnic communities in Ukraine are vulnerable in socio-economic and politically challenging conditions. National minorities today face two problems of survival: 1) maintaining consolidation; 2) deepening integration into Ukrainian society. In such a situation, an important instrumental role is played by civil society institutions, such as civic organizations representing the public interest of national minorities at the institutional level. They have real resource potential, which in the conditions of decentralization and increasing the effectiveness of relations with the state can minimize the risks of socially consolidating component of Ukrainian society. There is a need for the readiness of public organizations of national minorities to fulfill the social and management mission. One such promising step could be the process of institutional rebranding of public organizations of national minorities.The purpose of the article is to analyze the procedure of institutional rebranding of public organizations of national minorities in Ukraine. The study is aimed at a motivational action that brings together citizens who are ready for public interaction with other subjects of social and administrative relations and interested in representing the image of the national minority in the country. Institutional rebranding aims to change public perceptions of public organizations as public organizations as institutions engaging in public activity rather than socially profitable ones. They are updating the social purpose of NGOs. After all, the main tasks of modern institutional re-branding of public organizations are to enhance the social uniqueness of the public institute, to strengthen the role and importance of the organization in civil society, as well as to attract it to a wide range of citizens who increase their social responsibility in a mono-national and nation-wide environment. We propose to follow the impact of institutional rebranding of public organizations of national minorities with the help of several important principles: 1) perception of the political regime; 2) regulatory regulation of activity; 3) the nature of interethnic coexistence; 4) strengthening social and consolidating role.We are aware of the fact that in Ukraine the level of effective authority of the "third sector" is rather mediocre, and in the context of public interaction between state and non-governmental institutions a priority model of cooperation has not yet been developed. Moreover, socio-economic circumstances make it difficult to change existing perceptions of NGOs. Therefore, institutional rebranding is new, but extremely relevant, especially for public organizations of national minorities, a method of public positioning in the current conditions of development of the state and civil society.


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