Characteristics of the community resource of the city of Myrhorod in Poltava region

Keywords: resources, resource potential, communities, territory, city, analysis, local government, demographics


The article describes the characteristics of the resource potential of the city of Myrhorod, Poltava region. It is determined that the priority of the direction of urban development is the rational use of resources. In order to create effective living conditions for the community, public authorities and local self-government must improve the effectiveness of their application and promote sustainable development of the territories. Summarizing the views of scientists, it is concluded that the resource potential of cities include: natural resource, demographic, socio-infrastructural, production, technical, investment and innovation. Myrgorod city resources were monitored by collecting data characterizing the state of the system, analyzing and proposing management decisions. It was determined that in order to improve the work of population self-organization bodies, in 2004 the city council of Myrhorod started work on uniting street and house committees into councils of neighborhoods. The city has 7 councils of neighborhoods, bringing together 255 street and house committees. The city received new town planning powers within the framework of the decentralization of the State Architectural and Construction Control System. In 2019, the population of Myrhorod was 39.5 thousand people, there are 8 sanatorium-type resorts located in its territory, and 10 establishments in the sphere of culture. The city is located at the intersection of Gogol tourist routes. In 2018 the municipal non-profit enterprise "Mirgorod City Center of Primary Health Care" was created. Food and processing industry prevails in the structure of industrial production in Myrhorod. The main direction of city development is attraction of investments into economy. Suggestions are made to optimize the use of the resource potential by the city community. It is proposed to make an inventory of communal property of the community of Myrhorod for its use and measures for leasing or alienation of unused property are given. This will allow additional use of unused resources, increase budget revenues and optimize funds for their protection.


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