Scientific approaches to the system of concepts of "national security": international legal aspect

Keywords: security, public policy, public administration, national security, threats and risks


Scientific approaches to the concept of "national security" are systematized in the article. The author substantiates that there are four main approaches to the concept of "national security". The first group - works devoted to the terminological characterization of national security. Another group - the authors define national security because of the state of protection of vital interests, the individual, society and the state against all kinds of threats. The third group is studies that analyze the types of national security, in particular: economic, environmental, financial, personnel, financial, social, etc. These characteristics reflect their socio-political nature, trace the unity of personal, public and state security, developing political and other processes. The fourth group of studies are those that pay attention to problems related to the correct use of the concept of "national security" and the possibility of its replacement. Fifth group - analyzes the interaction and correlation of threats and security.There is no single, well-defined definition of national security today. No matter what approach the authors use, there are different approaches, and in some cases, complications or simplifications of this category.In our opinion, national security should be understood as a state of protection of the individual, society and state against a wide range of internal and external threats, which ensure the realization of citizens' constitutional rights and freedoms, decent quality and standard of living, sovereignty, independence, state and territorial integrity. , sustainable socio-economic development of the state.


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