Problems of formation of public management mechanisms: health system: a discussion of the discussion field

Keywords: public administration, development, transformation, modernization, public health management


The article substantiates that the country's health care system is in a state of constant transformation. Being a multi-level and branching structure, the system is evolving into complex approaches to defining governance mechanisms in the public and private healthcare sectors. It is in them that the state reproduces a new system of governance mechanisms, which need to be considered in the aggregate of the effects of meso, macro and microfactors with the use of new forms of government at all levels.According to the National Strategy for the Reform of the Medical System of Ukraine for the period 2015-2020, key problems, potential directions and ways of their solution for the formation of a new state policy in the field, including deep regulatory transformations and introduction of new financial mechanisms for ensuring human rights in the field of protection, have been identified health. In such circumstances, the country's medical system must be based on three fundamental principles: human-centered, result-oriented, best-in-class, and best practices in healthcare delivery.A review of historical and scientific sources shows that the management of the health care system requires systematic changes and qualitatively new approaches, finding alternative ways of reforming the organizational and economic mechanism of the medical industry, developing new models of interaction of public administration mechanisms to preserve the able-bodied population. We also believe that the mechanisms of public health management currently in place in our country do not correspond to its current changes.


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