Development trends and main challenges of the state mechanism of legal regulation of socio-economic relations in construction

  • Oleksandra Marusheva Interregional­ Academy­ of ­Personnel­ Management
Keywords: state regulation of socio-economic relations of construction, permitting procedures in construction, technical regulation in construction, building standards


In recent years, changes observed in the development of the construction sector in Ukraine haveaccelerated the investment raising process, but they have not been sufficient to significantly improveliving conditions. Today, government policy in the field of construction should be aimed at ensuring ahigh standard of living for citizens of the country and creating effective financial, economic, technical,organizational and legal mechanisms to improve the socio-economic and spatial development of the state,its regions and settlements. The paper investigates the need to focus the development of the constructionindustry, urban development, the process of new construction products development primarily on meetingthe needs of society. Therefore, the Ukrainian construction industry must have a single regulation system,as well as approaches fundamental for the formation of efficient, safe and economical construction activityin a particular sector of the economy. The paper substantiates modernization of the legal and regulatoryframework as a long and complex system process affecting the quality and safety of construction products,their innovative and economic development, the protection of consumer rights and other processes. Todayin Ukraine the construction process is regulated by a considerable amount of documents, that is more than3.5 thousand of them. However, only 44% out of about 1.5 thousand standards included in the list areharmonized with the European and international standards. The pace of updating state building codes inUkraine has dramatically dropped. At the same time, Ukraine has an obligation to the European Union andthe World Trade Organization to update and harmonize the technical regulation field in construction. Thepaper identifies an unduly slow and unsystematic process of updating the legal and regulatory frameworkpresently, despite the adoption of certain strategic decisions by the government at different times.The paper states importance of implementing the European approach as to the priority of ensuring themain safety requirements set by the Technical Regulation, which should be reflected in the applicable law,since it will help to unify the procedures for providing construction products on the market and specialterminology, as well as to improve the level of construction products safety, etc.


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