The prospects of introducing the mechanisms of legislative regulation of mobbing in Ukraine

  • Natalia Kostiuk Dnipro National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan
  • Diana Skubchenko Dnipro ­National­ University­ of­ Railway ­Transport­ named ­after ­Academician­ V.­ Lazaryan
Keywords: mobbing, psychological terror, mobber, legislative regulation, work collective, discrimination, labour legislation


The authors of the article have considered the notion of «mobbing» being a destructive element of a work collective performance, its causes and effects both for the employees and for the entire organization. It has been ascertained that this phenomenon is widespread in many countries of the world in particular in the developed ones that study this problem not only from the point of view of personnel management and psychology but take into account the legal estimation concerning the amount of responsibility of mobbers and bringing them to court for unlawful treatment of a particular person. It has been emphasized that the system of the legislative mechanisms of preventing mobbing and providing legal protection of employees and workers from this phenomenon in Ukraine in the conditions of the market relations development that requires the most effective use of the labour resources for enhancing the efficiency of an organization operation performance is to be improved. The experience of the developed European countries in the sphere of the legislative regulation of the psychological pressure in the workplace has been studied in comparison with the current Ukrainian labour legislation in question. It has been urged that the European experience in addressing mobbing in the workplace is to be adopted in the Ukrainian Euro integration processes. The most important factors of the psychological terror of employees and workers have been determined and the individuals who most often suffer from the psychological pressure have been characterized on the basis of statistical data.The judicial practice of settling the cases of mobbing in the workplace in Ukrainian courts have been analyzed. The ineffectiveness of the system of the legal protection of employees and workers as well as the need to improve it have been stressed. The authors have suggested the optimal ways of adapting Ukrainian labour legislation to such modern social challenges as the need to eliminate mobbing in the workplace and its effects which is the main direction in safeguarding the constitutional rights of employees and workers to a safe and healthy workplace environment stipulated by the Ukrainian legislation in force. The prospects of developing legislative regulation of the psychological violence have been paid attention to.


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