Areas of modern health policy

  • Oksana Yaremchuk A. Krupinsky Institute of Nursing and Health laboratory medicine of Lviv
Keywords: medicine, healthcare, politics, policy directions, state, medical reform, regulatory framework


The article explores the directions of modern health policy and analyzes each of them in detail. Thepeculiarities of financing domestic medicine were identified and a comparative analysis of expendituresfrom the state budget for the implementation of the state policy in the health care system was carried out.On the basis of the analysis, the system of factors that negatively influence and inhibit the implementationof state actions in domestic medicine is investigated. The main purpose of the article is to explore thedirections of modern health policy.The problem of public administration in the field of health care is perhaps the most important today.After all, medical reform has been and remains the focus of Ukrainians. However, despite all the changesthat have been made and the efforts to improve the domestic medical system, there are still a number ofpressing issues in current health care policy.Theoretical and methodological basis of the article are the fundamental works and developments ofleading domestic and foreign scientists on the problems of modern health policy, legislative and regulatoryacts of the country. In the course of the study the following methods were used: dialectical and abstractlogical(with generalized theoretical and methodological principles of health care), graphical (with coverageof state expenditures on health care), analytical (when researching problems and developing promisingways to solve problems) issues of modern health policy), statistical (when constructing the dynamics ofstate budget expenditures on health care), etc.The official base of the research is the official statistical and operational data of the State StatisticsService of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health, regulatory framework, information from the global Internet,the development of scientific and medical organizations, scientists and specialists of Ukraine and othercountries, as well as the results of their own research and calculations.


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