Smart specialization in strategic planning regional and lokal levels: the sources of the approach and the prospects for Ukraine

  • Maryna Soroka Dnepropetrovsk regional institute of public administration National academy for public administration under the President of Ukraine
Keywords: decentralization, local self-government, territorial community, strategical planning, strategical management, public administration, smart specialization, intellectual specialization


The article presents the results of the classification gradation of forced migration from the conflict zonein the Donbas (previously-the ATO zone, then-the zone of OOS). Forced migration is migration flows causedby threats to life and well-being due to natural, man-made or political (for example, wars and ethnic conflicts)causes. The article makes use of signs classification gradation of forced internal migration in Ukraine: legalstatus of migrants, way of implementing the move, the number of migrants, the frequency of occurrenceof acts of crossing, distance of migration, duration of stay in the new place of residence, voluntary and/orforced relocation, the reasons and goals of migration. The author came to the conclusion that the concept of"internally displaced persons" (IDPs) from a General point of view is not quite correct, since it describes quiteheterogeneous groups of migrants who participate in different processes, with different goals, while it includesa passive parameter "displaced", which indicates the "object" role of migrants themselves and the active roleof a third entity, which does not actually exist. We think it is more correct to use the concept of "forced internalmigrants" in relation to immigrants from the ATO zone and/or the OOS, which is generally recognized in theworld scientific community. It is established that forced internal migration in Ukraine has a "hybrid" character,at the same time being a group and clan (family), partly permanent (some migrants do not want to return to theplaces where they lived before the military conflict), partly temporary (some migrants returned in less than sixmonths), partly pendulum (some migrants periodically return to the conflict zone to work, and then again go to anew place of residence); migration from the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine is political, military and economic,the main causes of which are the fighting, the economic crisis and the lack of work in the conflict zone.


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