The current state of public administration development in Ukraine

  • Andriy Baranov Eastern European Slavic University
Keywords: development, public administration, development of public administration, public administration in Ukraine


It is established that in Western democracies public administration (Public Administration) is noted.The fact is that public administration was subordinate to political power, therefore the relationshipbetween management and politics is always quite complicated, but to solve them, the growing majorityof contradictions are handled by modern information and communication technologies. At the same time,having received special technological competence, the administrative apparatus claims to be more activein the sphere of politics, but is unable to dominate through the increasing complexity and complexity ofpublic administration.It has been established that in the encyclopedic dictionary of public administration public administrationis defined as the theory and practice of public administration, which is characterized by the implementationof administrative procedures through public activities, the use of democratic governance tools, streamliningpublic activities and the provision of administrative services as a means of realizing the rights and freedomsof citizens. In Ukraine, public administration has gained official recognition as an educational specialty. Atthe same time, many scientists, mainly in public administration, have their own opinions on the definition ofpublic administration. At the same time, it is difficult to establish a rigid framework for public administrationand related administration. The authors consider certain aspects of public administration, while the subjectsand objects are not clarified, and most importantly, the principles of building governance. Perhaps it isprecisely on the basis of such an approach that it is difficult in the legislative system to define publicadministration as such.It is proposed to determine the current state of public administration in Ukraine as the interaction ofstate power institutions, local self-government and civil society institutions, organized on a legal basis withthe aim of realizing the interests of society and the state on the basis of new ones and improving existingconcepts, theories, principles and methods.For the development of modern public administration in Ukraine, the use of principles that have beenintroduced into the public administration system and management as a whole, and which serve as the basisfor the formation, organization, functioning of public administration bodies and reflect the essence andreality of public administration processes, remains characteristic.


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