Main composition of information security of the state

  • А. В. Турчак Інститут підготовки кадрів державної служби зайнятості України
Keywords: state policy, information, information security, information policy, information environment, national security, components, society


The article clarifies the main components of state information security. It has been established that the interestsof any country depend to a large extent on the preservation of information security. Create a well-developedand secure information environment - an indispensable task for public and state development. The world hasundergone qualitative changes in recent management processes due to the intensive implementation of moderninformation technologies. At the same time, unauthorized interference with the workflow of any informationsystem becomes more likely, and the significance of the consequences of this danger has increased significantly.As a result, many countries are paying more attention to the problem of information protection and the search forappropriate solutions. It was discovered that the phenomenon of "information security" involves the high-qualityinforming of people and free access to various information bases, but there should also be control actions fornon-dissemination of classified information, maintenance of the society in a state of integrity, protection againstany negative informational influence, etc. Solving this complex problem issue will enable both the protection ofpublic and state interests, as well as the promotion of the rights of the citizen to comprehensive and high-qualityinformation. It has been proved that the study of issues of state information security makes it possible to say thatinformation security is based on the information organization of the country. This organization should provide aguarantee of informational security of the state and its subjects during the globalization processes and increasingthe threat posed by international terrorism. Unfortunately, Ukraine has a lot of factors that hinder the creationof such an information organization; the role of non-coordination of the work of state authorities in providinginformation security plays a role here. Thus, the scientific analysis of a number of problematic issues regardingthe development and implementation of state policy within the information sphere is of particular importancetoday, since their solution will enable for the development of a society that is informational in nature and thus willensure the national and informational security of Ukraine.


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