Implementation of international standards in local government as a key to sustainable development

  • О. В. Бортнік Дніпропетровський регіональний інститут державного управління Національної академії державного управління при Президентові України
Keywords: local government, sustainable development goals, standardization, ISO, quality management, indicators for city services, risk management, public sector, public administration


The article deals with the most relevant international standards created to promote the developmentand increase the efficiency of local government structures. The works of domestic and foreign authors isanalyzed, defining the role of the local government potential in ensuring sustainable development of theregions. The link between UN global goals and the standards adopted by the International Organizationfor Standardization for sustainable development is analysed. Were taken into consideration the standardsconnected with work of local government authorities: ISO 9001:2015 «Quality management systems –Requirements», ISO 18091:2019 «Quality management systems – Guidelines for the application of ISO9001 in local government», ISO 37120:2018 «Sustainable cities and communities – Indicators for cityservices and quality of life», ISO 31000 «Risk Management – Guidelines», IEC 31010 «Risk Management– Risk Assessment Techniques», ISO 22301:2012 «Societal security – Business continuity managementsystems – Requirements», ISO 20121:2012 «Event sustainability management systems – Requirementswith guidance for use». Presented opinion about relevance of the seven quality management principles to local government and degree of their implementation in local government in Ukraine. The key features ofthese standards and their role in improving the quality of life of the population and the efficiency of thework of local government bodies are considered. Examples of quality management systems implementationexperience in local government abroad (based on Italian research) and feedback on the results are provided.Provided examples and explanation of city indicators according to ISO 37120. And how standards canhelp prepare and respond properly in the most unpredictable situations, contribute to effective disaster riskmanagement through the provision of universal tools and mechanisms at the city, state and regional levels ofgovernment. The possibilities of applying international practice in Ukraine are considered and importanceof international standards’ implementation in local government as a key to sustainable development wereexamined.


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