Formation mechanism of motivation of employees of local governments

  • O. M. Shovhelia applicant Dnepropetrovsk regional institute of public administration, the National academy of public administration, office of the President of Ukraine Address: 29, Gogol Str., Dnipropetrovsk, 49044
Keywords: motivation, work, service in local government, local government, local government official, wages


The paper analyzed the characteristics of the formation mechanism of motivation and stimulation of labor local government officials, discussed the factors and indicators for the formation of tariff and non-tariff components of wages, defined good practices stimulating professional activities of local government officials.The author concludes that the main purpose of the tariff system of remuneration for employees of local governments in payment mechanisms and incentives to work is to solve the problem of differentiation of wages according to objective differences in the content, as the complexity (training) and the conditions of work, level of education and experience.Payment mechanisms and incentives can be considered as complete and efficient if wages as the main element of this mechanism does not only reproductive function, but also stimulating. That remuneration and its results should not only be sufficient to offset the costs that occurred in the course of employment of the employee, but also motivate them to realize their physical and intellectual abilities, getting those results are needed municipality, region, state as a whole.
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Shovhelia, O. M. (2014). Formation mechanism of motivation of employees of local governments. Public Administration Aspects, 2(7), 76-84.
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