Conceptualization of the management of the processes of development of territorial communities

  • O. Y. Bobrovska Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Keywords: algorithm for constructing a process, criteria and evaluation indicators, management, management bodies, management mechanism


Considered the first principle of the formation of the phenomenon of development of society at the level of territorial communities. The results of the study of the expansion of the possibilities of development of territorial communities as the initial level of society existence in the conditions of modernization of local self-government through the introduction of a process approach are given. The proofs of the priority role of the processes of development of territories and the necessity of creating control systems for the development process as a fractal system of local self-government are given. It is noted that the management of development processes at the local level has not yet been brought to theoretical and methodological clarity; not provided theoretical characteristics, parameters and indicators of development processes; the technology of construction and flow is not simulated; There are no defined approaches to the evaluation of the results of processes in accordance with the vectors of community development, which testifies to the lack of effective management of the phenomenon of development, starting with the initial level of its occurrence. To solve the problem of intensification and increase of the development of territorial communities, a conceptual vision of process management, creation of a system of process management, which is considered as a fractal component of the system of local self-government is developed. It is represented by a conceptual apparatus for controlling processes proposed by the definition of the concepts of «process», «development process», the path of process management, the structure of the mechanism for managing the development process in the control circuit. Criteria and indicators of controllability of development of processes are determined by adhering to the allowable limits of their fluctuations. The given proposals deepen the theoretical and methodological basis of process management. The proposed algorithm for designing development processes at the first stage of their life cycle allows you to streamline the management of development processes, reduce the path and time for their implementation. Using the results of the research carried out will allow to focus efforts and formulate tasks for local self-government bodies for the implementation of development functions; establish the level of economic, social and resource efficiency of processes; deepen the social consolidation of power, residents and business entities; to carry out comprehensive support of the components in the chain of their interaction and implementation of results; to expand the space of intuitive, creative innovative thinking when making managerial decisions.


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