Humanization of the civil service in the context of the European integration of Ukraine

  • O. A. Lyndyuk National academy for public administration under the president of Ukraine
Keywords: civil service, humanism, humanization of civil service, humanistic values of civil service, the European integration


European integration of Ukraine requires new philosophy of governance modernization and organization, an effective functioning of the civil service system. The urgency of the implementation of humanization approach is a priority for modernization of the national civil service system. The problem of humanization of the civil service in the context of the European integration of Ukraine has been studied in the article. The essence of concepts of «humanism» and «humanization of the civil service» has been considered. Humanism is understood as reflected anthropocentrism, with the human being the object with the highest value. The term «humanization of the civil service» means a deliberate reorientation of the civil service and its objects to recognize a human as an absolute value, «a measure of all things» and to meet the vital needs of society, creating conditions for its full self-realization and ensuring sustainable human development. The civil service must guarantee the security and stability of life and protect rights, freedoms and interests of each individual. Humanization of civil service is also determined as strengthening the rights and freedoms of civil servants, special protection of their dignity and the formation of new humanistic principles of civil service. The features of humanization of the national civil service have been analyzed. It has been found that the human is considered to be the highest value and the content and direction of civil servants activity is determined by ensuring his rights and freedoms. The necessity of changing the priorities of civil service modernization on the basis of humanization, orientation on meeting the needs of human and citizen, as well as creating conditions for closer implementation of national civil service standards to those used in the European Union has been proved. Changes in the philosophy of the civil service of Ukraine should be directed to «serving people», functioning of «service state» has to be focused on the outcome and quality of service. Being system determinants of civil service, it is necessary to follow the absolute value of human, structural and functional changes in the system. Modernization of the civil service in compliance with the European standards which are based on the humanization concept is possible by working out the own paradigm of civil service humanization and the development of national model of «civil service for people» that will integrate problematic analysis of the rights and freedoms at all levels of authority, provide humanization of social relations and will generate real standards of the Ukrainian state development.


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