Strategic approach as an essential component of the public management system under decentralization

  • V. I. Kozak Dnepropetrovsk regional institute of public administration, the National academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine
Keywords: strategy, strategic planning, decentralization, public management


Basic stages of strategic planning in the public administration system in Ukraine and abroad have been provided in the article, peculiarities of strategic planning at national, regional and local levels has been shown, certain aspects of the strategic approach during the decentralization of power reform have been described; advice to local self-government bodies in improving strategic planning process has been suggested.The aim of this article is to focus on the strategic planning being one of the basic mechanisms in the system of public administration.The structural transformation of the state system of power creates respective challenges for a country, especially it relates to the modernization of public administration due to a political and administrative decentralization and government institutions’ activity in the new system of public power.It is necessary to ensure the strategic planning on amalgamated communities level together with the decentralization process in order to determine short-term, medium-term and long-term goals and priorities for decentralization of power together with enhancing local autonomy in accordance with the principles of the European Charter of the Local Self-Government. The necessity of the strategic planning in the decentralization process has also been proved by the importance of synergy and consolidation of public authorities towards improving the quality of public management and quality of services provided to citizens.Strategic planning is a part of an integrated system of public administration. Strategies and annual development programs are aimed at the creation of the favorable environment for the business sector, attracting investments, securing social needs of population, improving their life. However, this mechanism did not become an effective instrument for public authorities of all levels in order to ensure the socio-economic growth in Ukraine. Most of the targets, that had been included into national strategic documents since Ukraine’s independence, have not met yet. One reason for this is the lack of institutional mechanisms of encouraging different branches and authorities to work in the same direction and to implement strategic goals and objectives. Only an integrated system of strategic planning can ensure such mechanisms. Solving the problem of a system of strategic planning’s creation requires a systematic approach and lays primarily in the legislative agenda.The decentralization process which has recently been taking place in Ukraine has also showed a number of problems in the strategic vision of further development of local communities. It significantly changed the relationship between the central government and local self-government. Decentralization also causes profound changes in the system of public administration by bringing community members to the policy-making at the local level. Therefore, further steps of local self-government reform require compliance with a clear strategic vision and consistency in the implementation of institutional innovations through the development of a wide range of mechanisms for harmonizing the interests of a center, regions and local authorities, including drafting policies, programs and plans of regional and local development.


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