Activization of the state policy on euro-regional cooperation in the sphere of the interstate regional governance

  • V. I. Pak Lviv regional institute of public administration of national academy of public administration, the office of the president of Ukraine
Keywords: state, Euro-region, infrastructure, financing, subnational region


Interstate cooperation is an important component of the state policy of Ukraine, considering geographical locations and geopolitical advantages, and also the high specific gravity of border territories, favorable for our state. As now the Ukrainian administrative units in a significant amount are in the structure of the Euro-regional formations, the interstate regional governance gets increasing weight in the context of the improvement of the quality of adjustment, coordination, and control of the activity of subnational regions. Therefore, the improvement of the administrative relationship at the interstate level has to activate Euro-regional cooperation of Ukraine and neighboring states, strengthening positions of our state in the sphere of the international interaction.Today, there are many unresolved questions constraining the development of the Euro-regional cooperation and interfere with the effective interaction of the subnational territorial formations. In particular, it concerns such the main problems as the existence of the appreciable centralization at the nation-wide level on the execution of the administrative actions concerning certain Euro-regions; the imperfection of the strategic management and programming of the social and economic development at the regional and local levels; the dependence of the Ukrainian economy on a situation in the foreign markets; the differentiation of the administrative units which are a part of the Euro-regions on the level of the economic development and quality of life of the population; the discrepancy of the regulatory and legal framework of the main aspiration and objectives of the formation of sub-national units; the existence of regional asymmetry in the system of formation of the financial relations; unskilled level and staff competence, exercising the control of the interstate formation. The specified problems substantially are caused by the imperfect administrative actions which are carried out in the sphere of the interstate relations at the level of the certain subnational regions.Research objective is the justification of the need of activization of the state policy on Euro-regional cooperation in the sphere of the interstate regional governance. During the research it is recognized that the realization of the state policy on the basis of the considered principles, tools, functions, factors and methods has to execute a main objective of the interstate regional control which is exercised in the sphere of Euro-regional cooperation and to promote adjustment of close mutually beneficial relations of Ukraine and neighboring states, to increase competitiveness of the Ukrainian territories and the most effective use of capacity of the Ukrainian regions in the course of activity of Euro-regions. Finally, such state policy has to be focused on the maintenance of the sufficient standard of living of the population, on ensuring integrity and unity of the social and economic space of the country, on formation of the conditions of sustainable and industrial and innovative development of regions, which will provide its harmonious integration into the European environment.


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