The ways to improve state regulation of land turnover which are in a government and municipal property in Ukraine

  • S. A. Serdyuk Kharkiv regional institute of public administration of the national academy of public administration attached to the office of the president of Ukraine, P.G. student of the economic policy and management department
Keywords: land turnover, state regulation, the ways of improvement, strategic planning, eurointegration


After comprehensive scientific exploration the ways of improvement of state regulation of land turnover which are in a government and state municipal property in Ukraine have been identified. Also it was proposed and justified the conceptual bases of strategy in development of state regulation. As a result of scientific exploration the directions of improvement of organizational mechanism have been formed also and wich a viev to improve legal mechanism of state regulation of land turnover it was suggested the modern approach of it. The main problem that constrains mechanical development of state regulation is non-compliance with legal principles, corruption and low motivation of officials. Approach to improvement is necessity of strategic development by the way of compliance law principles, realization of identified steps in development, using the practice of international regulation in land turnover. Strategic goals are in improvement of procedure of land turnover in public property by the way of advance mechanisms of state regulation; in a finding of effective approaches to improvement components of the legal mechanism; to produce and to offer propositions about development of components legal mechanism; to create clear and understandable procedure of land turnover for all participants in relationships in accordance with European legal traditions etc.Scenario of development that was elected is strategic and directed to solve the problems, perfection of economic, organizational and legal mechanisms of land turnover and also system development. But there are some risks that can interfere realization of strategic priorities. They are in outside threat, political instability, the economic downturn and corruption. We have chosen the next evaluation criteria: the level of investment attractiveness; the level of perception corruption in the society; the level of rating and satisfying quality of in land turnover process by the market participants with rating of international organizations, independent public organizations; the level of salary of public officials; distribution of lands according to ownership etc. The seeing of future (desired result) in realization of strategy is in effective, clear and maximally simplified process of land turnover in state and municipal property. The process of land turnover satisfies needs of market participants both in time and in organizational support, and legal order. There are directions to improve organizational mechanism of government regulation in a ways of improving institutions, structural, personnel, communicative, informative, financial, anti-corruption, administrative and institutional component of mechanism. It is the grounded fact that approaches to improve legal mechanism of government regulation of land turnover have to connect complex of approaches: systematic, process, strategic and situational approaches. Only thanks to using complex of approaches and steps of practical character that were identified, it will contribute to improve mechanism of state management. The improving mechanism of state regulation of land turnover in a public and government property has to occur in a way of development of regulatory - legal base and settlement, and also introduction of arrangements that could increase transparency and effectiveness of land turnover in a public property.


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